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Testimonials from clients

"We are very happy to provide a recommendation for the professionalism and services provided by Calico Communications.

As many retirees we never had any experience with establishing a website. In 2006 we opened a one bedroom bed and breakfast and started looking for someone to prepare our electronic advertising. In state, (Washington and the US in general) website developers were far outside our price range and Calico was recommended by a person who lives just down the road. We subsequently got in contact with Catherine. Over weeks we developed and pondered the literary presentation and took numbers of old fashioned photographs that described our location.

In time, we shipped the whole package to Calico, after having had COSTCO convert our paper pictures and raw film to digital format.

The result was beyond our most favorable imagination. Catherine did a splendid job in bringing our place to life and the website became our principle advertising medium.

We can only suggest to you look at our website, and we think you will agree.

Best wishes
Tammy and Jim Strong



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