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About Calico Communications

When the doors are closed and the staff have gone home, your customers can still visit you via your website. You know already that it's important to always be available to your clientele but if you are not a workaholic insomniac this may be difficult. This is one of the many reasons why companies have Calico Communications design their colourful, informative and specifically targeted websites.

Your small business can now be accessed by thousands of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The availability of your company's details creates customers that are predisposed to purchasing your product or service once they contact you or visit your company.

You may already have an internet web presence and simply need a website design analysis and redesign. That is when Calico Communications will review your site and analyze the site's ease and speed of navigation. Your website may have bells & whistles but do those dancing penguins COMMUNICATE vital information about your company, its brand and what it offers? Can customers get what they NEED from your site?


Calico offers both traditional HTML websites


Content Management System sites that create mobile enabled web pages on the fly.




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