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Your budget is C@lico's budget -- C@lico Communications will work within your budget, whatever it may be, to create a website that suits your specific online requirements. Review the prices below for web design packages and hourly rates. All package prices are flexible to fit your needs.

Please email C@lico with any questions. Answers to questions are free, so are the no obligation quotes.

Basic website design, overall look & feel— $50/hour

Small: "Just the Basics, please" website — $350
3 pages, your company's corporate logo, roughly 1000 words of text, 6 images or (client supplied) photos - from prints or digital images, 15 links, (additional pages $100 each)

Medium: "Standard maybe but still spectacular"
website — $495

5 pages, your company's logo, roughly 2000 words, simple, 15 images or (client supplied) photos, 25 links, (additional pages $100 each)

Large: "The WOW, - Full Fledged" website — $999
6-10 pages, your company's logo, text as required, 10 scans or simple custom graphics, clip art as require, links as required, (additional pages $125 each)

"I can do that": Turnkey solutions
The most unique service offered by C@lico is the "Turnkey" solution. If you are interested in adding your own text and images, this is totally possible with a Turnkey solution designed in a Content Management - template based - System. C@lico will create the site, get it live then turn it over to you or your favourite nephew. And when your nephew takes off to backpack Europe, you can call C@lico once again to help if you wish.


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